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.< A >. Oetiker夹钳以其可靠和半永久的夹紧性能而闻名。They serve major commercial sectors such as oil & gas, hydraulic and automotive.

Oetiker Clamps - application wise

A) Oetiker clamps for hoses & tubing:

Hose clamps are one of the most common & widely used connecting solutions – whether for your car’s hood, bike’s engine or the plumbing assembly on your camper or boat. You will find, at least, 5-6 types of hose clamps.

1. Ear Clamps

Ear Clamp Installation

The ear clamp gets its name from its closing mechanism which replicates the human ear. These clamps are best suited for “cross-linked polyethene (PEX) tubing” & water supply piping systems. They also feature visible deformation and a dimple design to provide evidence of proper closure and aid in delivering the maximum clamping force, respectively. These clamps are also widely used in irrigation systems.

StepLess ear clamps

StepLess Ear Clamps:

The hose clamps with a StepLess design eliminate overlaps & steps on the clamp’s inner circumference for consistent 360-degree pressure and a leak-free seal.

Ear Clamps - 123, 193, 117 & 167 Series

ToothLock Ear Clamps: (293 Series)

Toothlock Ear Clamps (293 Series)
  • Enlarged Ear Width (17 mm): Enhanced clearance for extended diameter range & easy assembly
  • Closed Interlock: Smooth outer contour for injury-free installation
  • Security Hook: Prevents unintended opening
Design attributes in Toothlock Oetiker clamps
  • ToothLock Design: Interlocked tooth-locking positions offer outstanding expansion resistance & permanent compression
  • Teardrop Dimple: Higher radial loads with compressible materials
  • Delivers 360-degree compression on assembled parts (Tongue-In-Groove Design)
  • Designed for fastening hoses in charged air coolers

PEXGrip Ear Clamps: (167 Series)

167 Series PEXGrip ear clamps
  • PEXGrip Design: Grips the tube preventing the clamp from sliding
  • StepLess Design: Uniform surface pressure & 360-degree compression
  • PEX Plumbing Connection: Secure & fast installation
StepLess 123 & 193
StepLess 117 & 167 SeriesToothLock 293
PEXGrip 167 Series
Material High Strength Steel /
Stainless Steel
Steel / Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
PurposeAir Intake Systems,
Fluid Hose, Steering
Oil Lines, Beverage Dispensing Systems,
Home Appliance Connections
Charged Air
PEX Plumbing
1-Ear Vs. 2-Ear clamps, what’s the purpose?
Installing 2 Ear using crimping tool

Choose a single-ear clamp (153 Series & 154 Series), if your requirement is to achieve uniform compression around the hose/tube. While it’s recommended to go ahead with a double-ear variant (101 Series & 151 Series ear clamp) if you are dealing with materials prone to thermal expansion/contraction (for an extended clamping range).

A word of caution: note that Oetiker ear clamps should be crimped in just a single tool stroke. Applying additional force after the first try can damage the clamp“.

2. Low Profile Clamps

Oetiker Low Profile Clamp Installation

Low profile clamps, as their name suggests, are designed for applications demanding tight tolerances (machinery or automotive assemblies). Most importantly, the unique design of these clamps ensures a lower imbalance on the rotating parts. Unlike ear clamps, they are reusable and therefore, facilitate frequent opening, closing and reassembling. Furthermore, these low-profile clamps also highly reduce the chances of any frictional losses between the moving & stationary parts.

ToothLock + CrossTech + StepLess Low Profile Clamps: (292 Series)

292 Series Oetiker clamps
  • ToothLock Technology: Offers permanent & high compression rate. In addition, facilitates expansion resistance & superior radial load performance
  • Tensioning Hook: Fast & simple installation
  • Pre Retaining Cup: For visual clamp closure verification
  • Facilitate 360-degree compression on assembled parts (StepLess Tongue-In-Groove Design)
Crosstech design
  • CrossTech Design: Very low imbalance on rotating parts & ultra low profile design

3. Multi Crimp Rings

Multi Crimp Ring Installation

Constant velocity joints (commonly known as CV joints or homokinetic joints) allow shafts to channel power through variable angles and at a constant rotational speed in automobiles. Additionally, this assembly is protected by a rubber boot. Then, the multi crimp rings are installed onto these rubber boots, thereby preventing contaminants from entering in and grease from leaking out”. 
Moreover, a few critical applications include the fixation of curtain airbags on gas guides and positioning hoses in cooling systems. Unlike low-profile clamps, they do not facilitate reusability, which means, once crimped they cannot be reassembled. In conclusion, these crimp rings are the perfect solution for applications requiring constant circumferential compression.

Multi Crimp Ring (Puzzle Lock Design 150 Series) Multi Crimp Ring (Spirally Welded 150 Series) Multi Crimp Ring (Cross Welded 250 Series)
AluminiumStainless SteelStainless Steel
For vehicle / machinery constant
velocity joints
For gas guides / cooling systemsFor cooling systems

B) Oetiker clamps for pneumatic & exhaust hoses:

Various industries employ worm drive clamps for applications that involve no loose parts and with a space constraint. They should also be easy & quick to install.

1. Worm Drive Clamps

They are also known as band or screw clamps and are suitable for fastening both pneumatic & water hoses. They feature a screw design and are reusable & adjustable for adapting to different nominal diameters.

StepLess Screw / Worm Drive Clamps: (178 Series)

StepLess Screw / Worm Drive Clamps: (178 Series)
  • Choice Of Engagement Positions (Adjustable to different nominal diameters)
  • Narrow Band (Delivers concentrated transmission of clamping force)
  • Self Tensioning (Compensation against thermal expansions)
  • Specially Formed Strip Edges (Reduced risk to clamped parts)
  • Tongue-In-Groove Design: 360-degree compression on assembled parts
  • Stainless Steel: Ideal for connecting radiator hoses
Which worm drive clamps should YOU choose, 126 or 177 Series?

If your application demands flexibility & ductility, go for 126 Series worm drive clamps. Most importantly, because they are offered in coated steel construction. However, if the purpose is to withstand moisture-prone environment & abrasive substances, the 177 Series stainless steel clamps are your go-to option!

C) Oetiker clamps for flanged joints:

For boats, automobiles and pool equipment, the couplings in flanged joints require a clamp with high integrity and a positive sealing (V-profile clamps). Additionally, it must be capable of maintaining a compact profile for accommodating tight tolerances. These V-profile clamps should also resist oxidation reactions when exposed to moisture.

1. V Profile Clamps

These clamps provide an economical alternative to bolted flange connections. Typical applications include turbochargers, bypass filter units, engines, exhaust connections and charged air systems. They are also designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, deliver quick & reliable assembly and greater mechanical efficiency.

V-profile clamps
  • Precise Low Friction Fastener: Consistent & high clamping force
  • Self Locking Thread: Withstands high vibration environments
  • Quick-lock latching mechanism: No alignment required
  • Purpose: Automotive turbochargers

D) Clamps for holding dies & fixtures:

1. Strap Clamps

Strap clamps are specially designed for holding down fuel tanks, particle filters, compressed air vessels, exhaust systems, water tanks, filter casings and EGR coolers. Although these clamps are easy to install, once fastened, they can not be readjusted.

WingGuard Strap Clamps: (270 Series)

WingGuard Strap - Oetiker clamps
  • WingGuard: Winged band locking mechanism encloses all sharp edges & provides a high holding force
  • Low Profile Design: Space efficient
  • Large Diameter Range: Supports various diameters
  • Burr Free Strip Edges: Reduced risk to clamped parts
  • Purpose: Most importantly, to fix curtain airbag inflators

How are Oetiker clamps measured?
Just measure the outside diameter of the hose. Then, make sure that the measured diameter is in the middle of the clamping range of the clamp.

How to install Oetiker clamps?

Are Oetiker clamps reusable?
Certainly, selected models like low profile, universal, screw & profile clamps are reusable.

How do you remove an Oetiker clamp?
Tools like a side cutter, rotating or bowl nose cutter can be used for removing the clamp. However, rotating cutters is not recommended as they can damage the hose while cutting the clamp.

What size clamp for 3/8 or 1/4 inch hose?
Below are the sizes supported by standard PEX Series 167 clamps:

Diameter RangePEX TubeWidth x Thickness
13.3 mm3/8 inch 7 x 0.6 mm
17.5 mm1/2 inch 7 x 0.8 mm
20.8 mm5/8 inch 7 x 0.8 mm
23.3 mm3/4 inch 9 x 0.8 mm
29.6 mm1/1 inch 10 x 1.0 mm


Choose ear clamps for PEX tubing & water supply piping systems and low profile clamps for industrial machinery & automobile. If the requirement is to keep the cooling system connections in check, then go for multi crimp rings and choose worm drive clamps for both pneumatic & water circulation systems. However, if you’re looking for automotive solutions, get V profile clamps for securing components in vehicles and strap clamps for hazardous tanks & cooling systems. There’s no need to look any further, Oetiker is your one-stop solution.

So, if you are looking for these one-of-a-kind clamping solutions, Raptor Supplies Limited, an authorised international distributor of Oetiker is the place to search for. We offer these clamps & clamping tools to customers in UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
With our 24×7 chat support, you can also contact us anytime via phone, Whatsapp or email.

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SpeedClean线圈清洗系统 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/speedclean-coil-cleaning-system/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/speedclean-coil-cleaning-system/#respond Sun, 18 Apr 2021 09:22:05 +0000 罗宾 授权工业MRO供应商 清洁 暖通空调 MRO的文章 管道工程 AC清洁工 线圈清洁 冷凝器清洗器 暖通空调 暖通空调清洁剂 快速清洁 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=1830





Dirty HVAC systems use up to 30% more energy to cool or heat a space! Today, we’ll focus on how SpeedClean coil cleaning systems make the cleaning process simple and quick to do.

Complications in HVAC Cleaning:

When it comes to cleaning HVAC devices, one is faced with questions such as:
(A) What is air duct cleaning?
(B) How often should air ducts in your home be cleaned?
(C) How to prevent duct contamination?

Only someone with prior experience in cleaning HVAC systems will understand the importance of a complete unit disassembly! However, this process is time-consuming and can take hours to complete. 

Outdoor air conditioning systems suck in dirty air, which is they are one of the most polluted room appliances. This atmospheric pollution eventually will form a type of “blanket” on the unit’s coil, thereby reducing airflow.

Traditional HVAC Cleaning Practices:

The major disadvantage of the traditional cleaning approach is that the equipment tends to be really bulky. Eventually, you might end up completely disassembling the condenser unit to thoroughly clean the unit. Don’t forget, the garden hose should also be used at a certain angle. Otherwise, the water pressure tends to bend the coil fins.

Why is SpeedClean a superior solution?

State-of-the-art products developed by SpeedClean, including CoilJet, CoilShot, BucketDescaler & Mini-Split Kits speak for themselves. With this range, the good news is that you need not go looking for additional brushes & equipment to clean the devices. Therefore, the SpeedClean coil cleaning systems are an all-in-1 solution!

SpeedClean coil cleaning systems for condensers, split AC systems and heat exchangers

A. For Cleaning HVAC systems in remote & far-off locations

Consider using SpeedClean equipment where a constant power and water supply are inaccessible. Attics and rooftops are the perfect examples of the same. That’s where the CoilJet HVAC coil cleaner systems are an ideal solution.

CoilJet HVAC Coil Cleaner System

CoilJet CJ-125 is a portable coil cleaning system, specifically designed for cleaning condenser & evaporator coils where power & water supply is usually a luxury. 

What is the SpeedClean advantage, though?

CoilJet CJ-125: Cleaning on rooftops without any water / power outlet
Cleaning on rooftops without any water / power outlet

Unlike other cleaning systems, SpeedClean coil cleaner systems have inbuilt yet separate chemical & water tanks and a long-life rechargeable battery. These integrated tanks eliminate dragging hundreds of feet of hose to rooftops or in remote places. In addition, they are also suitable for cleaning microchannel coils that require the perfect balance between “too much water pressure” and “not powerful enough spray”. Also, with the CoilJet HVAC coil cleaner system, you need not pull the evaporator coil out.

This cleaning device works best when used with SpeedyFoam, an alkaline, acid-free, non-caustic biodegradable foaming coil cleaner designed to deliver a penetrating cleaning action.

CoilJet CleaningTraditional Cleaning (Brushes, Water Hose & Foaming Cleaner)
The only pressure washer that clean coils without damaging the delicate fins (by holding the spray wand well away from the coils)Even if you use a 1000 psi pressure washer from a distance of approximately 4-5 feet to avoid coil damages, you’re ultimately getting about 100-150 psi, only.
So, why bother dragging a heavy pressure washer & running long lengths of water hose & extension cords for that?
Built-in Chemical & Water TankRequires External Water Supply
Integrated BatteryRequires Nearby Power Socket (Unsuitable for remote locations)
Pre-calibrated & carefully adjusted spray pressureIrregular Spray Pressure (Damages coil fins)

CoilJet is ideal for cleaning:

  • PTAC and rooftop AC units
  • Cellular transmission tower AC units
  • Light-duty commercial ground floor and rooftop condenser units
  • Evaporator coils in the attic
  • Truck and food refrigeration equipment, such as Thermo King units
  • Microchannel coils (without causing damage)
  • Solar panels

The CoilJet advantage:

  • Compact design enables cleaning in hard-to-reach areas (evaporators, PTAC’s, rooftops, attics & refrigeration units)
  • Capable of cleaning 2-3 five-ton units requiring 125 psi, concentrated spray pressure
  • No pulling out evaporator & condenser coils separately or using acidic & caustic self-rising sprays
  • Powerful 125 psi spray powered by a deep cycle 12V rechargeable battery removes grime & debris from the inside & outside
  • Spray wand & 90-degree nozzle for forcing debris out from the same direction it entered
  • Onboard water tank to eliminate dragging bulky pump sprayers & hoses
  • Fully charged battery lasts you for at least 12 tank loads of coil cleaning, while the battery life cycle ranges between 280 – 300 full charging cycles.

CoilJet CJ-125 vs CJ-200E:

CJ-125 HVAC Coil CleanerCJ-200E HVAC Coil Cleaner
Up to 125 psi spray ballastUp to 220 psi spray ballast
Ideal for cleaning microchannel & condenser coilsIdeal for cleaning only condenser coils

B. Descaling Heat Exchangers

Limescale buildup inside heat exchanger coil
Limescale buildup inside heat exchanger coil

Tankless & tanked hot water systems and various heat exchangers share a common problem: limescale buildup in heating elements. Medium-to-hard water carries high levels of calcium carbonate & various minerals that eventually deposits on the pipes and coils. This, in turn, decreases the efficiency by over 50%.

Is vinegar an ideal choice for descaling HVAC coils?

The major shortcoming of vinegar is, the cleaning process will take hours to complete. And, also it’s difficult to make this cleaning agent stay in contact with the coil surface for long enough to do its job. SpeedClean’s bucket descaler can reduce cleaning time while ensuring a thorough descaling. Moreover, chemical test strips from SpeedClean can help you identify the pH value of new / used descaling liquids, for determining the re-usability factor of the same.

Bucket Descaler System (Limescale Remover)

These Bucket Descaler systems are not just used for removing limescale, additionally, they can also be used to remove rust & debris build-up within minutes! These units find wide descaling applications with frame and plate heat exchangers, condensing boilers, plumbing lines, radiant flooring and other standard heaters.

How BucketDescaler separates itself from the crowd?

One of the major advantages of the SpeedClean BucketDescaler has over other cleaning solutions is its acid-proof components (fittings, pumps & hoses). These fittings ensure that there is minimum wear against reactive chemicals & solutions used during descaling tasks. The circulation valve, on these units, further enables flow from an auxiliary bucket, thereby making the descaling system ideal for commercial applications.

Merits of BucketDescaler

SpeedClean BucketDescaler System
BucketDescaler System
  • 3.3 GPM acid-proof pump for consistently circulating limescale removal cleaner
  • Purge valve for minimising cleanup time
  • Easily fits on any standard 5-gallon bucket
  • Highly compact design for facilitating operation in hard-to-reach spaces

C. Complications in ductless mini split-coil cleaning (Split AC)

One of the major issues in cleaning mini-split coils (split air conditioners) is that water splashes all over the walls and electric sockets, thereby leading to equipment damage caused by short circuits! This is where the SpeedClean Mini-Split Bib Kit comes into play.

Mini-Split Bib Kits

SpeedClean Mini-Split Coil Cleaner

This one-off patented solution from SpeedClean is designed to clean ductless mini-split coils indoors. This kit can also be used for cleaning blower wheels.


  • Sonic welded seams & strong 6 mil plastic bib prevents leakages & wear
  • Accommodates up to 44 inch wide mini-split systems
  • Cleans fan blades, coils & blower wheels while preventing splashes

D. Compact & handy Condenser Cleaning Tool

At times, you might have to clean refrigeration & condenser coils at remote locations. But there’s no need to carry bulky water / cleaning solution tanks anymore. SpeedClean’s CoilShot cleaner is specifically designed for such situations.

CoilShot Condenser Coil Cleaner

This revolutionary product features solid cleaning tablets, instead of using a liquid cleaner. The device still needs to be connected to a standard garden hose for its water supply.

The CoilShot Advantage

  • Quick-load tablet door for minimising the tablet reloading downtime
  • Multi-stage mixing valve, spray and a foaming nozzle for spraying the thoroughly mixed cleaning solution
  • CoilShot wand storage for user convenience
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the CoilShot tablet last?

The CoilShot coil cleaner tablet will last for 15-20 minutes. Although, the time is impacted by the foaming level chosen by the user.

Can CoilShot be used for any size condenser?

CoilShot is designed for cleaning condenser coils around a 3-ton range. However, the coil’s thickness & level of dirt will determine the number of tablets required.


SpeedClean is driven by a clear mission – to develop innovative & practical solutions for the HVAC maintenance industry. All in all, choose the

  • CoilJet cleaner system for evaporator units and microchannel coils
  • CoilShot cleaner tool for single-pass evaporator & refrigeration coils
  • BucketDescaler system for cleaning heat exchangers & water heaters
  • Mini-Split Bib kits for cleaning split air conditioning systems

Additionally, Speedclean offers related accessories such as coil cleaner tablets for CoilShot cleaners and cleaning solution for the BucketDescaler system.

Raptor Supplies is a trusted international distributor of SpeedClean coil cleaning systems. We deliver these condenser coil cleaners to customers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

With our 24×7 chat support, you can contact us anytime via phone, Whatsapp or email.

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宏观TD-70222延时继电器 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/macromatic-td-70222-time-delay-relay/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/macromatic-td-70222-time-delay-relay/#respond 2019年10月17日星期四07:09:11 +0000 阿希什·库马尔G 未分类的 宏观TD-7系列延时继电器 宏时间延迟继电器 单功能延时继电器 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=892

Macromatic TD-7系列时间延迟继电器是基于时间控制事件的理想选择。使用这些高性能的Macromatic继电器,您可以选择50毫秒到999小时之间的任何时间延迟。编程是使用按钮拇指轮选择任何内置的时间范围。Macromatic td - 70222是一个单功能的延时继电器& # 8230;< / p > < p类=“阅读更多”> < class = " href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/macromatic - td - 70222 -延迟relay/”> <跨类= >“screen-reader-text Macromatic td - 70222延时继电器< / span >读更多& # 187;< / > < / p > < p > <一rel =“nofollow”href="//www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/macromatic-td-70222-time-delay-relay/">Macromatic TD-70222 Time Delay Relay appear first on Ra188平台登陆188bet亚洲体育滚球专家ptor Supplies Blog.

Macromatic TD-7系列时间延迟继电器是基于时间的控制事件的理想选择。使用这些高性能的Macromatic继电器,您可以选择50毫秒到999小时之间的任何时间延迟。编程是使用按钮拇指轮选择任何内置的时间范围。

Macromatic TD-70222

Macromatic TD-70222 is a single-function time delay relay featuring

  • industry-standard 8-pin octal socket
  • 10A DPDT output contacts
  • LED indicating timing mode and time-out condition
  • 3VA power rating
  • timing range: 50 ms – 999 hours
  • input voltage: 120V AC/DC
  • reset time: 0.1s
  • operating temperature ranging from -18 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit

Raptor Supplies is a UK-based e-commerce portal offering an extensive range of Macromatic timers and relays, relay sockets, fuse covers and water level controls. We have a dedicated procurement team that can supply virtually any obsolete part number or product not available on our website. For any MRO product requirement, feel free to reach us at +44 7786 311597 or mail your query at sales@raptorsupplies.com.

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Flojet NDP25/2离心泵 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/flojet-ndp25-2-centrifugal-pump/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/flojet-ndp25-2-centrifugal-pump/#respond 2019年10月17日星期四07:06:48 +0000 Bhabana Dutta 未分类的 flojet离心泵 射流磁力驱动泵 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=889

Flojet NDP25/2是一种磁力驱动离心泵,适用于x射线、照相和静电复印设备中的腐蚀性化学品、冷冻水、纯或珍贵液体的连续再循环。泵与电机的机械隔离消除了危险化学品通过泵造成损坏的可能性。

Flojet NDP25/2离心泵 Read More »

href="//www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/flojet-ndp25-2-centrifugal-pump/">Flojet NDP25/2离心泵出现在Raptor Supplies Blog.


Flojet NDP25/2 is a magnetic-drive centrifugal pump suitable for continuous re-circulation of aggressive chemicals, chilled water, pure or precious liquids in X-ray, photographic and xerography equipment. Mechanical isolation of the pump against the motor eliminates the chance of damage due to hazardous chemicals passing through the pump. This Flojet centrifugal pump is inherently free of drive seals, since most of the time the latter is a prime source of leakage.

Flojet NDP25/2 magnetically coupled centrifugal pump


  • Non-metallic thermoplastic construction that is resistant to chemicals
  • Magnetic couplings to minimise heat transfer to pumped fluids, as well as provide an energy-efficient thermal shield
  • IP22 rated drip-proof motor housing to deliver a leak-free continuous-duty operation
  • Flow rate @ 50 Hz: 27 litres/min with max 1.6 m head
  • Flow rate @ 60 Hz: 21 litres/min with max 2.1 m head
  • Rated voltage: 230 VAC
  • Port Style: 1/2-inch BSP Male or 22 mm hose stub

Raptor Supplies brings the entire catalogue of Flojet pumps and other US industrial supplies to customers located in the UK, Europe, Middle East & Asia! Contact us for any of your unplanned MRO needs via 24 x 7 chat support, WhatsApp, phone or email.

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自冷电机,1/3马力 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/marathon-motors-eqf56t17d2104fp-self-cooled-motor-1-3-hp/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/marathon-motors-eqf56t17d2104fp-self-cooled-motor-1-3-hp/#respond 星期三,2019年10月16日07:56:31 +0000 阿希什·库马尔G 未分类的 1/3惠普汽车 三相电动机 马拉松发动机 自冷式汽车 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=866



读更多& # 187;< / > < / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/marathon-motors-eqf56t17d2104fp-self-cooled-motor-1-3-hp/ " >马拉松汽车EQF56T17D2104FP自冷式电机,1/3惠普< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com " >猛禽供应博客< / >。< / p >188bet亚洲体育滚球专家188平台登陆 < div class = " wp-block-image”> <图类=“alignright大小”> < img data-attachment-id = " 872 " data-permalink = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/marathon-motors-eqf56t17d2104fp-self-cooled-motor-1-3-hp/marathon-1/ " data-orig-file = " https://i1.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp content/uploads/2019/10/marathon - 1. - jpg?fit=516%2c359& ssl = 1”data-orig-size = " 516359 " data-comments-opened = " 1 "data-image-meta = "{“aperture":“0“,“credit":““,“camera":““,“caption":““,“created_timestamp":“0“,“copyright":““,“focal_length":“0“,“iso":“0“,“shutter_speed":“0”,“标题data-image-title="马拉松-1" data-image-description="" data-medium-file="https://i1.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/marathon-1.jpg?fit=400%2C278&ssl=1"data-large-file = " https://i1.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp content/uploads/2019/10/marathon - 1. jpg?fit=516%2c359& ssl = 1 " src = " https://i1.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp content/uploads/2019/10/marathon - 1. - jpg?resize=299%2c208& # 038; ssl = 1”alt = "马拉松" EQF56T17D2104FP类=“wp -图像- 872”宽度= " 299 "高度= " 208 " data-recalc-dims =“1”/>

Marathon EQF56T17D2104FP is a 3-phase, 1/3 hp self-cooled motor ideal for use in exhaust fans, direct and belt drive air handlers, and commercial fans and blowers.

Product features:

  • Heavy gauge steel DP enclosure
  • Ball Bearings
  • CE-approved & CSA-certified
  • Supports reversible rotation
  • Single speed
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Resilient base mounting
  • Service factor: 1.3

Raptor Supplies is an authorised distributor of Marathon general-purpose, compressor, HVAC, washdown, Brake, 50 Hz and vector motors. We serve customers in the UK, EU, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and have a dedicated procurement team that can supply any US industrial supplies part or brand that you don’t find on our website. If you’re searching an old part number or a replacement part, reach us at +44 7786311597 (WhatApp) or email at sales@raptorsupplies.com.

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Ferraz Shawmut 1SC375半导体保险丝盒 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/ferraz-shawmut-semi-conductor-fuse-block-1sc375/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/ferraz-shawmut-semi-conductor-fuse-block-1sc375/#respond 星期三,2019年10月16日07:38:12 +0000 Bhabana Dutta 未分类的 半导体熔丝座 Ferraz Shawmut保险丝座 半导体保险丝装置 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=863 半导体熔断器块系统容纳熔断器,以保护二极管,晶闸管,双向可控硅和其他固态功率半导体器件免受过流。Ferraz Shawmut / Mersen制造半导体熔断器块模块化安装风格,允许用户选择线终端。符合rohs标准的1SC系列保险丝块具有螺柱型&积分还框连接器连接的灵活性和提供& # 8230;< / p > < p类=“阅读更多”> < class = " " href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/ferraz-shawmut-semi-conductor-fuse-block-1sc375/ " > <跨类= >“screen-reader-text Ferraz Shawmut 1 sc375半导体保险丝装置< / span >读更多& # 187;< / > < / p > < p > <一rel =“nofollow”href="//www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/ferraz-shawmut-semi-conductor-fuse-block-1sc375/">Ferraz Shawmut 1SC375 Semiconductor Fuse Block appear first on Ra188平台登陆188bet亚洲体育滚球专家ptor Supplies Blog.

Ferraz Shawmut 1SC375 semiconductor fuse block
Semiconductor Fuse Block

Semiconductor fuse block systems accommodate fuses to protect diodes, thyristors, triacs and other solid-state power semiconductor devices from overcurrent. Ferraz Shawmut / Mersen manufactures semiconductor fuse blocks with modular mounting style that allows user preference of wire termination. The RoHS-compliant 1SC Series fuse blocks feature stud-type & integral box connectors for wiring flexibility and to also provide high-heat dissipation rates. Although these fuse blocks come in pairs, they need to be ordered as two single items to suit one fuse.

1SC375 is a stud-type fuse block with a compact footprint and is therefore suitable for any direction installation. Some other product features are

  • screw-mount facility for adjusting to various fuse lengths
  • thermoplastic construction with rugged phenolic insulators
  • UL-listed AC & DC voltage: 1000 V
  • short-circuit current rating (SCCR): 200 kA
  • ampere rating: 800A
  • max fuse rating: 800A

Raptor Supplies offers the entire catalogue of Ferraz Shawmut & Mersen to customers located in the UK, Europe, Middle East & Asia! Customers can shop from more than 650,000 MRO products and industrial supplies on our website. We can also source replacement parts and products not available on our website. Get prompt responses on our 24 x 7 chat support. You can also contact us through WhatsApp, phone or email for any product queries.

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野牛汽车011-190-0702 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/bison-motor-011-190-0702/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/bison-motor-011-190-0702/#respond 星期一,2019年10月14日07:42:25 +0000 Deepti 未分类的 Bison 100系列平行轴齿轮马达 野牛齿轮100系列电机 野牛汽车011-190-0702 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=747 Bison’s 100系列平行轴直流齿轮电机是需要速度调节和扭矩控制的应用的理想选择。这些永磁直流电动机有746瓦或更少的额定功率输出,一级螺旋钢齿轮和精密加工的压铸铝外壳。他们提供的速度和扭矩范围1.3 –359 RPM和8-100 in-lb,& # 8230; < / p > < p类=“阅读更多”> < class = " href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/bison -电机- 011 - 190 - 0702/”> <跨类= >“screen-reader-text野牛电动机011-190-0702 < / span >读更多& # 187;< / > < / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/bison -电机- 011 - 190 - 0702/”>野牛电动机011-190-0702 < / >第一次出现在188平台登陆188bet亚洲体育滚球专家Raptor Supplies Blog.

. < ul data-carousel-extra = '{“blog_id”:1、“永久链接”:www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com“https: \ / \ / \ /野牛-电机- 011 - 190 - 0702 \ /“}”class =“wp-block-gallery alignfull栏1被剪裁”> <李类=“blocks-gallery-item”> <人物> < img data-attachment-id = " 1061 " data-permalink = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/bison -电机- 011 - 190 - 0702/011 - 190 - 0271 - _1_1 2/”data-orig-file = " https://i2.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp - content/uploads/2019/10/011 - 190 - 0271 - _1_1 - 2. - jpg?fit=959%2c734& ssl = 1”data-orig-size = " 959734 " data-comments-opened =“1”data-image-meta = "{“aperture":“0“,“credit":““,“camera":““,“caption":““,“created_timestamp":“0“,“copyright":““,“focal_length":“0“,“iso":“0“,“shutter_speed":“0”,“标题data-image-title="011-190-0271_1_1-2" data-image-description=" data-medium-file="https://i2.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/011-190-0271_1_1-2.jpg?fit=400%2C306&ssl=1"data-large-file = " https://i2.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp - content/uploads/2019/10/011 - 190 - 0271 - _1_1 - 2. - jpg?fit=900%2c689& ssl = 1 " src = " https://i2.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp - content/uploads/2019/10/011 - 190 - 0271 - _1_1 - 2. - jpg?ssl=1“alt = " "数据id = " 1061 "链路层= " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?attachment_id=1061 "类=“wp -图像- 1061”data-recalc-dims="1"/>

Bison’s 100 Series Parallel Shaft DC Gearmotors are ideal for applications that require speed regulation and torque control. These permanent magnet DC motors have 746 Watts or less rated power output, 1st-stage helical steel gearing and precision-machined die-cast aluminium housing. They are offered in the speed and torque range of 1.3 – 359 RPM and 8-100 in-lb, respectively, and feature permanently lubricated, sealed and gasketed bearings, significantly reducing maintenance and increasing bearing life. The motors also feature UL 1449 compliant Class F insulation and TENV enclosure allowing robust use in dirty and damp areas.

Ideal for security / railroad gates, machine tool equipment, feeders, medical conveyors, etc., the 100 Series 011-190-0702 Parallel Shaft DC Gear Motor from Bison features:

  • Heavy-duty 1/40 hp motor with a maximum rotational speed of 3 rpm
  • IP43-rated gearmotor operating at 90V with a maximum ampere rating of 0.15 amps

Raptor Supplies is an authorised distributor of Bison Gear AC/DC gearmotors, capacitors, speed reducers, gear drives and related parts. Customers can choose from more than 650,000 MRO products and industrial supplies on our website. We also have a dedicated procurement team to help our customers source any US replacement parts and products not available in our online catalogue. Feel free to contact us anytime through our 24 x 7 chat support, WhatsApp, phone or email.

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Baldor-Reliance 37J908S518G1超e电机 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/baldor-reliance-37j908s518g1-super-e-electric-motor/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/baldor-reliance-37j908s518g1-super-e-electric-motor/#respond 2019年10月10日星期四07:38:55 +0000 Deepti 未分类的 美国宝德公司三相异步电动机 巴尔多通用交流电动机 Baldor-Reliance超级电动汽车公司 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=707 来自Baldor-Reliance的Super-E通用交流电机可提供单、三相开式和封闭式结构,适用于广泛的应用。该电机提供了NEMA优质效率,并被设计为变频器准备与可变扭矩转速范围。美国宝德公司37 j908s518g1通用的三相封闭式电动机可以安装在任何位置和& # 8230;< / p > < p类=“阅读更多”> < class = " " href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/baldor-reliance-37j908s518g1-super-e-electric-motor/ " > <跨类= >“screen-reader-text Baldor-Reliance 37 j908s518g1 Super-E电动马达< / span >阅读更多& # 187; < / > < / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/baldor-reliance-37j908s518g1-super-e-electric-motor/ " > Baldor-Reliance 37 j908s518g1 Super-E电动马达< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com " >猛禽供应博客< / 188平台登陆188bet亚洲体育滚球专家>。< / p > < div class = " wp-block-image”> <图类=“alignleft”> < img data-attachment-id = " 861 " data-permalink = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/baldor-reliance-37j908s518g1-super-e-electric-motor/326-2/ " data-orig-file = " https://i0.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp content/uploads/2019/10/326 - 2. - jpeg?fit=256%2c256& ssl = 1”data-orig-size = " 256256 "data-comments-opened = " 1 "data-image-meta = "{“aperture":“0“,“credit":““,“camera":““,“caption":““,“created_timestamp":“0“,“copyright":““,“focal_length":“0“,“iso":“0“,“shutter_speed":“0”,“标题data-image-title="326-2" data-image-description="" data-medium-file="https://i0.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/326-2.jpeg?fit=256%2C256&ssl=1"data-large-file="https://i0.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/326-2.jpeg?fit=256%2C256&ssl=1" src="https://i0.wp.com/www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/326-2.jpeg?ssl=1" alt="Baldor 37J908S518G1" class="wp-image-861" data-recalc-dims="1"/>

The Super-E general purpose AC motors from Baldor-Reliance are offered in single- and three-phase open and enclosed constructions for a wide range of applications. The motors offer NEMA Premium efficiency and are designed to be inverter ready with variable torque speed ranges. Baldor 37J908S518G1 general-purpose three-phase enclosed motor can be mounted in any position and its heavy-gauge steel frame and gasketed conduit box makes it ideal for harsh applications, such as unit & baggage handling, air handling, compressors and pumps. Other features of the motor include:

  • Class F insulation
  • Rated output: 10 hp
  • Full-load torque: 29.5 LB-FT
  • Maximum rotational speed: 1770 rpm
  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) enclosure restricting outer air to circulate inside of the motor, resulting in increased protection from weather and dirt

Raptor Supplies is an authorised distributor of Baldor Motor general-purpose, farm-duty, jet pump and condenser motors. We serve customers in the UK, EU, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia with our expanding portfolio of more than 650,000 MRO products. If you’re searching an old part number, a replacement part or product not on our website, feel free to reach us at +44 7786311597 (WhatApp) or email at sales@raptorsupplies.com.

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艾伦·布拉德利1606-XLS240E电源 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/allen-bradley-1606-xls240e-power-supply/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/allen-bradley-1606-xls240e-power-supply/#respond 2019年10月10日星期四06:57:29 +0000 阿希什·库马尔G 未分类的 艾伦·布拉德利电源供应 公告1606-XLS切换模式电源 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=700

高性能,超薄Allen Bradley Bulletin 1606-XLS240E电源设计满足大多数单和三相应用要求,并接受广泛的AC和#38;直流输入电压。它有内置的缓冲模块,以提供一个短的增强功能,缓冲负载电流在故障期间,并切换事件。

Allen Bradley 1606-XLS240E Power Supply Read More »

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The high-performance, ultra-slim Allen Bradley Bulletin 1606-XLS240E power supply is designed to meet most single- and three-phase application requirements, and accept a broad range of both AC & DC input voltages. It has built-in buffer modules to provide a short boost function, buffer load currents during faults, and to switch events.

This cULus and cURus listed DIN-rail power supply has exceptional reserve power available and can deliver 150% rated power for five seconds to start the most stubborn loads. It also helps reduce power consumption by up to 50% while supplying constant output voltage and minimizing ripple and noise.

Product features:

Allen Bradley 1606-XLS240E
  • Intelligent circuit design with durable electrolytic capacitors
  • Minimal heat generation
  • High efficiency
  • Active power factor correction
  • Output power: 240W
  • Single-phase input
  • Red overload LED
  • Dry DC-ok contacts
  • Green DC-ok LED
  • Extremely-low inrush current
  • Quick-connect spring clamp terminals
  • Operating temperature range: -13 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Output voltage: 24VDC
  • Line Frequency: 50 – 60 hz
  • Output current: 10A
  • Output ripple: < 50mVpp

Some of the main applications of 1606-XLS240E power supply include float-charging of lead-acid or maintenance-free 24V VRLA batteries, back-feeding loads, external input protection, repetitive pulse loading and daisy chaining of outputs.

Raptor Supplies is an authorised distributor of Allen Bradley power supplies in the UK. With our expanding catalogue of 650,000+ products, we are proudly serving the unplanned MRO and industrial supply needs of customers in the UK, EU, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. We also have a procurement team dedicated to serving customers looking for discontinued products or the ones not in our catalogue.

Reach us at +44 7786 311597 (WhatsApp) or write your query at sales@raptorsupplies.com.

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西门子TP900舒适面板 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/siemens-tp900-comfort-panel/ //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/siemens-tp900-comfort-panel/#respond 星期三,09 Oct 2019 11:50:53 +0000 Bhabana Dutta 未分类的 西门子安慰面板 TP900舒适面板 //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/?p=655 西门子舒适面板为HMI(人机界面)应用提供自动化控制解决方案。他们的高端视觉体验提供广角视角高达170度,使最佳的可读性。这些面板的PROFIenergy技术通过断开单个负载或整个生产单元,积极控制所有自动化组件的当前消耗,当没有& # 8230;< / p > < p类=“阅读更多”> < class = " " href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/siemens-tp900-comfort-panel/ " > <跨类= >“screen-reader-text西门子TP900安慰小组< / span >读更多& # 187;< / > < / p > < p > post < rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.dallasbusinessadvisors.com/siemens-tp900-comfort-panel/ " >西门子TP900安慰小组< / >Raptor Supplies Bl188平台登陆188bet亚洲体育滚球专家og.

Siemens SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels

Siemens comfort panels provide automated control solutions for HMI (Human–Machine Interface) applications. Their high-end visual experience delivers wide viewing angles up to 170 degrees to enable optimal readability. The PROFIenergy technology of these panels actively controls the current consumption of all the automated components by disconnecting individual loads or the entire production unit, when not required. Moreover, in case of power failures, it also terminates all active archive files and creates backups of the data already archived in the RDB format. Therefore these control panels are an ideal choice for centrally controlling all automated mechanical equipment.

A refurbished version of the Multi Panel MP 277 HMI, the Siemens TP900 comfort panel offers wider display space & higher resolution. Additionally, it features:

Siemens TP900 comfort panel

  • maximum screen display service life with minimum energy requirements
  • adaptive brightness
  • function key with LEDs for guiding new users
  • 2 PROFINET interfaces w/integrated network switch for handling about 4000 messages
  • operating software: WinCC (TIA Portal)
  • audio in / audio out interface for playback of sound files through Media Player

Raptor Supplies is an authorised distributor of Siemens electrical supplies, serving customers in the UK, Europe, Middle East & South East Asia. Count on us for all your unplanned MRO product requirements. Get instant response on your product query on WhatsApp, phone and email.

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